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eBoostr 1

eBoostr 1: eBoostr lets you enjoy Vista`s ReadyBoost benefits on Windows XP machines Boostr is a little program that lets you improve a performance of any computer, powered by Windows XP in much the same way as Vista`s ReadyBoost. The concept behind ReadyBoost is for you to use non-volatile flash memory, such as that on a USB flash drive, to improve performance without having to install additional RAM memory, which is costly, difficult to do and requires the computer to have memory expansion capabilities to add RAM. With eBoostr,

O&O CleverCache Serverl Edition 6.1: A unique tool to optimize the File Cache Management
O&O CleverCache Serverl Edition 6.1

O&O CleverCache V6.1 Server Edition is a unique tool that optimizes your file cache Management in Windows Vista, NT, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003. This results in an enormous performance boost, sometimes doubling your original system speed without any additional hardware purchases or restrictions to your system`s stability. Simply install O&O CleverCache V6.1 and you are ready to go! Additional configuration or rebooting is not necessary

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NuMorse Professional Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novice and Expert. Soundcard required
NuMorse Professional

The ultimate Morse code trainer for Windows, useful to Novice and Expert. Offers a choice of built-in structured training courses to teach you the basics. Then get up to speed using features to motivate and track progress. Ready for a test? Then take the built-in code test to boost your confidence. Speed fiend? Brush up your receiving skills to 48 wpm. Add QSB and QRN for extra realistic simulated QSOs.

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UV Web Booster 1: It will help you get higher positions on all major search engines.
UV Web Booster 1

Windows® 98 Microsoft® Windows® 98 Second Edition Microsoft® Windows® Millennium Edition Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 Workstation with Service Pack 6.0a or later Microsoft® Windows NT® 4.0 Server with Service Pack 6.0a or later Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Advanced Server Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Datacenter Server Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition Microsoft® Windows

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Ram Booster Memory Boost Tool 3.0: Registry Repair is a great utility to scan, remove and fix computer errors and r
Ram Booster Memory Boost Tool 3.0

Booster and memory boost tool will also clear cache files from your PC, freeing valuable space to be used, our Ram Booster and memory boost tool will also boost your internet connection, making it faster and optimized, our Ram Booster and memory boost tool also comes with a windows start up option, giving you the ability to remove files and programs that you don’t wish to start when windows starts, our Ram Booster and memory boost tool also scans

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Meta Commander Pro file manager 1.2.19: This file manager (explore addon) greatly boost the speed of your file browsing.
Meta Commander Pro file manager 1.2.19

Windows shell and can be started from everywhere you need it with a right click of your mouse. Start it by clicking on your desktop or explorer windows, start it with a right click in "Open" and "Save" dialogs, start it by right clicking on anything that shows files and folders. How does it work? Meta Commander looks like a pop-up menu containing all your disks, folders and files. In addition to normal files and folders, Meta Commander shows some

browse, commander, change, explorer, browser, menu, file, shell, folder

Internet Cell Boost 2.1.0: Optimize Your Internet Connection
Internet Cell Boost 2.1.0

Boost Lite? It doesn’t matter if your Internet connection is already fast or way too slow. Our product, Internet Cell Boost Lite helps you to maximize its overall connection speed. Internet Cell Boost Lite uses several unique techniques to make sure you spend less time waiting and more time browsing on the Internet. How Is This Possible Without Physically Upgrading My Connection From The ISP? There`s no magic at all in how this is performed. Internet

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